LIST(e)N is currently on a screening and listening tour at universities nationwide, to incentivize dialogue among the youth.

The tour consists of:

- A brief intro into the importance of listening, for all facets of life and to solve some of our most entrenched divides. 

- A screening of the award-winning film (84 minutes) - with concrete examples of people who were able to open up their hearts and hear each other out, despite their differences. 

- A post-screening session, where participants are made aware of the traits needed for deep listening, and given tools to practice listening in their lives. 

The tour has already been at Northwestern University, Ohio State University and Florida International University. University of Miami will be coming up next. 

Poster from the
Ohio State event:










Our award-winning feature film, LIST(e)N, is brave to question whether we can try to understand those with whom we most disagree. And now, we're on a mission to impart what we learned in the making of the film: 


That the participants who were able to connect at a human level despite their differences, were the ones who deeply listened to each other. 


Come join us in LIST(e)N COURAGEOUSLY, a 2-hour digital experience where the 80-minute film will be showcased. Participants will also get a chance to evaluate their ability to listen, as we engage in dialogue and self-reflection exercises.